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Part 1: Where Should You Begin?

We would like to share with you some practical advice about how to start an Unbound ministry team in your area.  This advice contains some of the best practices that ministry teams have found to be helpful as they were getting started.

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Part 2: Key Leaders

After you have found a group of people who are interested in serving on an Unbound ministry team, you can approach your pastor for approval and support of the ministry.  This is an important step that will provide your ministry with the accountability, protection and shepherding it needs.

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Part 3: A New Beginning: The Pilot Program

Once your Team Leaders have been trained and have experienced the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference, it is time to bring that experience back to your group.

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Part 4: Identifying Roles

As the members of your ministry team minister to one another, Team Leaders can begin to have conversations with team members about who they believe is doing Unbound effectively according to the model.

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Part 5: Reaching People Who Need Unbound Ministry

When ministry leaders have the experience and feedback they need, they will be ready to begin ministering to others outside of the ministry team.

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Part 6: Unbound Ministry Days: Step-by-Step

From planning ministry days over the years we have learned some best practices that we’d like to share with you. The most important thing as you plan is communication with the Lord.

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Part 7: Develop Your Training Process for New Trainees

As your team grows and more people develop an interest in joining your Unbound Ministry team you will want to have a process in place to train them. It is important to establish a process so that new trainees know what to expect at the outset.

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Part 8: Advanced Training and Beyond!

After your team has introduced Unbound through a Conference, Study Program, or other presentations, and your team has had experience ministering to others for at least six months, your team members will want to grow more effective in their ability to conduct an Unbound interview and lead a session.

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Part 9: Unbound Ministry Guidelines

We are so blessed that you have chosen to spread the message of freedom in Christ using the Unbound model. As the ministry has spread rapidly to many nations and the message has been shared around the world, we have recognized the need for a set of ministry guidelines that will serve as a reference for Unbound ministry teams and their leaders.

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