Part 8:

Advanced Training And Beyond!

After your team has introduced Unbound through a Conference, Study Program, or other presentations, and your team has had experience ministering to others for at least six months, your ministry leaders and intercessors will begin to encounter questions, concerns, and issues that are more complex.  Your team members will want to grow more effective in their ability to conduct an Unbound interview and lead a session.  They may want to learn more about Unbound or how to deal with specific situations.  There a number of ways to help your team grow in effectiveness, compassion, and dependence upon the Spirit:


Unbound Ministry Guidebook

The Unbound Ministry Guidebook contains helpful instruction that will keep team members growing and learning.  It contains a wealth of experience from decades of ministry, and answers many of the difficult and complex questions that arise as your team develops.

The Unbound Advanced Study Program

The Unbound Advanced Training Study Program tackles the topics covered in the Guidebook in ten talks on DVD with accompanying workbooks for your team members.  The Advanced Study Program  provides a curriculum to use when you meet as a team to train (either right before the start of a Ministry Day or during separate, scheduled meeting times), and gives your team the opportunity to discuss ministry issues and grow together as a team.

Unbound Advanced Training E-Course

The Advanced E-Course can be taken by individuals on your team or your team can decide to take the course together.  This 10-week course will help your team members to grow in both compassion and effectiveness as they receive in-depth teaching and practical experience.

Unbound Ministry Network

When your team has the training and experience, and is seeing God set people free, Heart of the Father would love for your team to join the Unbound Ministry Network.  This is an informal association of Unbound ministry teams around the world who have been trained in the Unbound model and are willing to minister to those who call.  Your team’s information will be posted on our website and people in your area will be able to find your team to request ministry.

Heart of the Father is committed to helping you at whatever stage your team is.  We want to develop a relationship with you and make sure you have the resources and knowledge you need to grow.  We plan to reach out to all of our Network members and provide ministry development support and opportunities for growth.  Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and challenges, and to share how God is using Unbound in your ministry.

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