Unbound E-Course

Advanced Training

Course runs from April 14- June 22, 2024




The Unbound Advanced Training E-Course is an online learning course to help you discover the tools you need to minister to others with compassion and effectiveness!

By the end of this ten week course you will:

- Grow in humility, compassion and God's love
- Understand foundational patterns that lead to bondage
- Lead a session using best practices
- Learn how to build an Unbound ministry and provide feedback to trainees
- Understand intake and preparation for an Unbound session
- Grow in the ability to listen to a person's story and identify the work of the enemy

In addition, you will have great opportunities to do the following :

- Join an online community to interact with and learn from a diverse range of people
- Attend several online webinars, during which your instructor, will address topics and answer questions
- Practice giving and receiving feedback for Unbound sessions
- Receive a certificate of completion from Heart of the Father Ministries

** The content of this course is the same as that in the Unbound Advanced Training Study Program.  In the e-course, the Advanced Training content is presented differently, with the extra, above-mentioned experiences.  If you already completed the Study Program, you are still welcome to take the course, but please know that the content will be the same.


Each course will run for 10 weeks.  

Coursework for each week should last about 3-5 hours. 

The course involves:

1. Video instruction with note-taking
2. Online activities and discussions
3. Practical exercises with a partner
4. Reflection questions

Each of the modules should be completed during the week that they are assigned.

You will continue to have access to the course content for a period of 2 years.  Distribution or copying of any course material is prohibited.  You will have access to the online community after the course.

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It is important that you have already completed the Unbound Basic Training E-course OR completed the Unbound Basic Training program prior to taking this E-course. This training program should have included all 8 teachings. If your training did not include the 8 teachings, please register for the Basic Training E-Course before taking the Advanced Training E-Course.

If you have not completed the Unbound Basic Training E-course you can register HERE.

Please note that Practical Training, where you have the opportunity to use the Unbound model and receive feedback, is key. This practical training is built into the Basic E-Course. If you have not had the opportunity to use the Unbound model and receive feedback, we recommend you connect with a local Unbound team where you can be observed.


For April Course:
Price  $410.00

THIS COURSE IS FULL. Look for information for our next Advanced Course in the fall coming soon. 


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