Part 7:

Develop Your Training Process

for new trainees

As your team grows and more people develop an interest in joining your Unbound Ministry team you will want to have a process in place to train them.  It is important to establish a process so that new trainees know what to expect at the outset.

Criteria for Members

A good place to begin is to create criteria for being team members.  Having an established list of what you are looking for in team members and what you expect of them helps your team to be on the same page from the start.  Some examples of this criteria would be: understand the Unbound model and agree to represent it faithfully, follow the Unbound training process, and agree to maintain confidentiality of all who come for ministry.


Create an application for those interested in joining your ministry team, to help you to get to know them better and to learn why they’d like to minister to others using the Unbound model.  It is a good idea to include a reference requirement as part of the application, to ensure that someone who is in authority and has personal knowledge of the applicant feels that he or she is a good candidate to minister to others.

Training Process

Training should be a required component of team membership.  We recommend that you require all team members complete the following prerequisites: 1) read Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance, 2) attend an Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference, take the Unbound: Freedom in Christ E-Course or Study Program, 3) receive Unbound ministry and 4) receive the Basic Ministry Team Training by attendance, E-course, or Study Program.

Once people are accepted onto your team they will begin as Intercessors on your ministry days.  Trainees may feel that the Lord is calling them to remain in the role of Intercessor for the duration of their time on your team.  Or, they may feel called to become Ministry Leaders.  Before trainees try to lead, they should first be Intercessors for several sessions so that they develop an understanding of what an Unbound ministry session should look like.

When they feel ready to lead, trainees should begin by leading a session with an experienced Team Leader or Trainer who can offer them feedback after the ministry session and support them during the session, if needed.  Having an observation form for the Trainer to complete can help the trainee understand the expectations and see growth after each session.  New team members who are in-training should be observed and receive feedback several times before being released to lead on their own.  When Trainers release people to minister on their own, Trainers should feel confident that these newly trained Team Leaders thoroughly understand the Five Keys of Unbound and how to use them effectively in ministering to others.

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