Part 2:

Key Leaders

Pastoral Support

After you have found a group of people who are interested in serving on an Unbound ministry team, you can approach your pastor for approval and support of the ministry.  This is an important step that will provide your ministry with the accountability, protection and shepherding it needs.  

Identifying & Training Team Leaders

Once this is in place, your group should begin the process of identifying one or two Team Leaders*.  A Team Leader is someone from your group who will be responsible for connecting with Heart of the Father Ministries and getting trained.  Team Leaders can get trained by attending one of our Ministry Training events and the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference.

Team Leaders are important because it is unlikely that everyone on your team will be able to connect with us or attend one of our conferences.  Our meeting with Team Leaders enables us to soundly reproduce the ministry through them.  We want to be able to impart the knowledge and practical skills that we have learned to your Team Leaders so that they will be able to pass that knowledge and skills on to the rest of your team.  We also want them to learn from us in person, so that they get to know us and see the ministry up close. Your Team Leaders will become your first Trainers*  for your team, and we want them to carry the heart and soul of the ministry into their training.  

At the Training and Conference, your Team Leaders will learn how to use the Five Keys of Unbound and they will witness several Unbound ministry sessions.  For some, the Training will give them the opportunity to receive ministry for themselves.  Receiving Unbound ministry is an essential part of training for most people.  The experience of being interviewed and ministered to can help them understand what it is like to be set free in an Unbound ministry session.  For others, their understanding of how an Unbound ministry session works will grow clearer when they witness a session at a conference led by an experienced ministry leader.  

*This role and others are described in more detail in Part IV.

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