Part 3:

A New Beginning

The Pilot Program

Step 1:  Run the Unbound Freedom in Christ Study Program

Once your Team Leaders have been trained and have experienced the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference, it is time to bring that experience back to your group.  Team leaders can invite all of the members of your team who are interested in being trained to participate in a Pilot Program.  Your ministry team will participate in two, eight-week Study Programs.  Our Study Programs consist of video teaching sessions on DVD and an accompanying workbook which contains individual and group activities.  The first is the Unbound Freedom in Christ Study Program.  This program will introduce your team members to each of the Five Keys and how they are used in an Unbound ministry session.  Your team will watch the DVD’s together and participate in the reflection and discussion activities throughout the workbook.

As your group works through the material in the first Study Program, many on your team will likely be ready to receive ministry.  Your Team Leader can begin ministering to those team members, either at scheduled ministry times or after the conclusion of the Study Program.  If there is an experienced ministry team near yours, you can also invite leaders from that team to minister to your team members.

Step 2:  Run the Unbound Basic Training Study Program

After the Freedom in Christ Study Program, your team can begin the Unbound Basic Training Study Program.  Individuals who completed the Freedom in Christ program but who are not interested in serving as leaders or intercessors may choose not to participate in this program.  They may want to serve the ministry as Helpers* instead. For those who do want to minister, the Basic Training will help them acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to conduct an Unbound ministry session.  Team members will meet weekly for eight weeks, watching the teaching via DVD and using the workbooks to engage in group and individual activities.

By the end of the Basic Training series, all participants should be ready to lead their first session.  It is ideal that they minister to each other, taking turns as leader, intercessor, and the person receiving ministry.   After each ministry session, the Team Leader and other group members will give feedback to the person who is leading the session.  These sessions provide a valuable experience – learning how to minister in a “low risk” situation.  Here they can learn from their mistakes without the pressure of ministering to a stranger.

*This role and others are described in more detail in Part IV.

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