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Freedom In Christ

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 The Unbound: Freedom in Christ E-Course is an online learning course that will help you discover how you can find deeper freedom in Christ.

By the end of this course you will:

- Discover the 5 Keys to Freedom and be able to use them
- Learn how to forgive from the heart 
- Renounce the enemy's lies
- Listen to the Father's voice and receive His blessing
- Be prepared for an Unbound ministry session

In addition, you will have great opportunities to:

- Join an online community to interact with and learn from a diverse range of people
- Receive a certificate of completion from Heart of the Father Ministries
- Find an Unbound ministry team  and request a ministry session, if desired

** The content of this course is the same as that in the Unbound Freedom in Christ Study Program.  In the e-course, the Freedom in Christ content is presented differently, with the extra, above-mentioned experiences.  If you already completed the Study Program, you are still welcome to take the course, but please know that the content will be the same.


This course is completely self-paced.  

The course takes about 8 weeks to complete (3-5 hours per week).  Feel free to start, pause, and continue as needed.  The course involves video instruction with note taking, online activities and discussions and reflection questions.  

You will continue to have access to the course content for a period of 2 years.  Distribution or copying of any course material is prohibited.  You will have access to the online community after the course.

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There are no prerequisites but we recommend that you purchase and read Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance (or read it as you complete the course).  This book will help supplement what you are learning. 




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