Unbound Unveiled in UAE and Ukraine! Matt Lozano meets with Gosia Wojcik


Longtime Unbound partner and Polish interpreter, Gosia Wojcik, joins Matt in this informative episode that covers exciting ministry developments in United Arab Emirates and Ukraine!
Hear Gosia’s Unbound story beginning with the “First-ever Unbound conference,” in Poland and how she interpreted for Neal and Janet as they returned year after year. “All that I learned from Neal and Janet has really shaped me – who I am as a follower in Christ. They introduced me to the Holy Spirit and how he works in people and what he does for them.”

Gosia describes ministering with Matt in United Arab Emirates, an experience quite different from Poland. Struck by their humility and openness, she described conference attendees like “an army destined to change the country they come from and maybe the region.”

Gosia tells of exciting developments in a peaceful region of Ukraine where a Bishop, who learned Unbound directly from Neal, dreams of establishing Houses of Mercy – permanent sites of Unbound ministry – such as are found in Poland. “Neal planted the first seeds and now we are helping to make them grow,” says Gosia.

Can Unbound prayer work in a hurry? Find out from Gosia in this chock-full episode!

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Release: April 2024
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm
Production by  Henry Aquino


Speaker: Matt Lozano, Gosia Wojcik

April 25, 2024

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