"The Whole Universe Opened" with Neal and Janet Lozano and Dr. Bohus Zivcak


Neal and Janet connect with ministry friend Bohus Zivcak who prays Unbound in post-communist countries. Half his life was spent under communism and now he ministers among a people still struggling to live in freedom.

Janet and Neal speak of Slovakia, hiking in the mountains with Bohus, and people’s openness while receiving personal freedom and then taking message to others.

Bohus speaks fondly of breakfasts at Neal and Janet’s kitchen table, and once dubbed himself “Bohus Lozano.” He tells of his youth, the underground church, retreats with Fr. Michael – a secretly-ordained priest – and starting a mission community in Slovakia’s mountains.

After meeting the Lozanos in the 1990s, Bohus felt compelled to invite them to Slovakia. “When Neal and Janet came with the Unbound it was a shock…like the whole universe opened in front of us.”

Now Bohus works to address the unique fears, connections, beliefs, and lies common to those living in post-communist countries. He sees relief in people’s faces when realizing they are not at fault, they do count, and have a voice, and can make their own decisions.

 “Taking responsibility for their lives is a great discovery in Unbound,” he says. “It provides great hope for people to be healed by the Lord.”

How would you pronounce “Zivcak?” Give it a try and then learn from Bohus in this absorbing episode.

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Release: May 2024
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm
Production by  Henry Aquino


Speaker: Neal Lozano, Janet Lozano, Dr. Bohus Zivcak

May 12, 2024

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