It Started with an Invitation: Matt Lozano with Aaron Richards of Damascus Camps


Got cabin fever? Meet Aaron Richards of Damascus Camps, whose serious case of cabin fervor ignites his mission to train and disciple year-round missionaries.

Aaron and his wife, Monica, met as teens during their first summer of camp ministry and their five children have grown up spending every summer at camp. “A true encounter with Jesus leads us to a life of mission and a life of mission leads us back to a true encounter with Jesus,” states Aaron, who says his kids have a 470-acre back yard. He describes his family once sleeping in a cabin basement, with dripping water and crawling bugs. Hear how his young son reacted, and better yet - his wife!!

Having grown up in Ohio, Aaron talks of his faithful parents, church involvement, and the power of an invitation. As a teen, he was invited to be a camp counselor, “Stepping into that awkward place, I had an encounter with Jesus.” That experience spurred Aaron towards a life of youth ministry.

We hear how Damascus Camps grew to include quality worship now found on all major music platforms, and about their two-year formation program, which includes Unbound concepts, for young adults. “From the walls of our dining hall we want to show our kids that life with Christ is a wonderful adventure,” says Aaron.

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Release: May 2024
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm
Production by  Henry Aquino


Speaker: Matt Lozano, Aaron Richards

May 9, 2024

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