Holding Onto Your Freedom


How transformative is the powerful freedom found in our Father! But what does it look like to walk daily in this new world of freedom—one often full of challenges? Join Jacqueline as she interviews Ann Stevens, a powerful speaker at our Freedom in Christ conferences in Philadelphia and beyond, where she talks about walking in the fullness of freedom in our true identity in Christ.

Listen as Ann shares the testimony of her first time working through the Five Keys, having to navigate coming out of the dark cave and into the wide open world—a world that challenges and tests her freedom to this day. Ann shares deeper insight into her “Staying Free” talk and offers best practices in being open to what the Lord is doing in those uncomfortable moments. 

Go deeper, being open to the Lord—He wants to bring greater freedom to you and help you hang onto that freedom!”

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Release: September 2022
Music by Christian Harper.
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm at Command-S.

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Speaker: Ann Stevens, Jacqueline Harper

September 22, 2022

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