Freedom Behind Bars! With Neal Lozano, Dan Gahagan, and Pastor Jakob Kerlin


Neal hosts the Open Doors podcast and shares a first for Unbound - prison ministry!

Joining Neal are Dan Gahagan of Unbound Maryland and Jakob Kerlin, a pastor at Victory Church. Both were part of the Unbound team that recently ministered inside a Pennsylvania maximum-security prison.

Invited there by the prison chaplain, it “felt like it was a divine appointment,” said Neal. “It had a profound effect on each of us.”

Neal, Dan and Jakob describe their experiences and offer their personal take-aways from within the prison walls.

A core team of inmates, well- trusted men who had studied Unbound materials in preparation, were dubbed “The Magnificent Seven.” They felt excited to shed their bondage through Unbound prayer on day one of the team’s visit. On the second day, twenty more prisoners received prayer.

After Unbound prayer, one inmate declared, “I got my identity back – now I know who I am.” Another prisoner ditched his negative nickname and assumed a new, more accurate name for himself.

Dan, Jakob, and Neal all testify of inmates who found freedom and hope through Unbound ministry most beautifully expressed by the one who said, “I’m freer now than I ever was on the other side!”

“There was no holding back of forgiveness,” stated Dan.

You won’t want to miss this riveting episode of Unbound unbarred!

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Release: May 2024
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm
Production by  Henry Aquino


Speaker: Neal Lozano, Dan Gahagan, Pastor Jakob Kerlin

May 2, 2024

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