Free to Be Holy Book Study Week 4: No Amount of Willpower with Matt Lozano, Lisa Livezey, and Jacqueline Harper


Tempted to jump out a window when it comes to holiness? In this final episode of our Free to Be Holy book study, the author himself speaks!

We discuss Chapter Seven where Matt invites us to learn from his own mistakes. He shares his personal backstory of realizing he had believed the enemy’s lie. We learn what led Matt to write this book which he calls, “One of the graces of the pandemic.”

Chapter Seven is an informal introduction to Unbound ministry – helping people expose deceptions that keep them in bondage, to practice the Five Keys, and to walk in freedom.

If you’ve hit a wall while pursuing a lifestyle of holiness, ask the Holy Spirit, “Show me what I’m not seeing,” suggests Matt. The Holy Spirit can help us identify internal struggles, patterns of thinking and behaviors which reflect ways we aren’t free.

Hear a “Cliff-notes version” of Common Lies of the Enemy and know that God can take what the devil intended for destruction and turn it into great blessing,

Our Free to Be Holy series ends with Matt speaking the last lines of his book as a prayer. Join us!

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Release: April 2024
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm
Production by  Henry Aquino


Speaker: Matt Lozano, Lisa Livezey, Jacqueline Harper

April 18, 2024

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