Abba's Heart Book Study Ch: 13 & 14 Empowered to Serve and Walking in Forgiveness


Join us for a terrific episode you don't want to miss...but... bear with us as one of our tracks had some minor technical issues so you have to listen a little more closely to what Janet is sharing, We've included the beginning of the transcript here in our show notes and go HERE and click TRANSCRIPT tab for the rest. 

Jacqueline: So welcome everyone to week five of our Abba's Heart Book Study that we've been doing this summer. It's just been so much fun and such a blessing to  take a deep dive into the book Abba's Heart. And if you have not read it and haven't been able to join us in past episodes, don't turn off this podcast.

You will still be so blessed. Today we're going to be talking about chapters 13 and 14- "Empowered to Serve" and "Walking in Forgiveness." Today I'm here with Janet and Jenn Lozano, and I have great expectation for some really beautiful conversations, so thank you Lord. We are at the end of June, and summer is in full swing.

How are you guys? Anything exciting going on?

Jenn: I have two kids at overnight camp right now. Woohoo. And because two adult "large" children came home from college, it's nice to have a little breathing space in our house again.

Jacqueline: That's awesome. That's really great.

Jenn: I don't have to double our recipes at dinner. It's, so far it's, it's just really nice. I miss them, but they're having a blast, so it's, it's  nice. The camp is called Summer's Best Two Weeks, and at home we're also referring to it as Summer's Best Two Weeks.

Jacqueline: It's so fun to mix it up, like you swapped out the little kids for the big kids and yeah, how great is that?

Jenn: So great. So mom, what's happening in your summer?

Janet: Well, our summer started out with a wonderful celebration of our 50th Anniversary, and since then we had a few out of town family guests stay with us for a few days.  Currently I have a nephew on my side of the family stay with us for several days, so I feel like my summer has begun with a lot of hosting.

Yes. The opposite of you, Jenn. I'm cooking more than I usually do, but it's been wonderful just to have time to connect with family members  and continue to celebrate what God has done in our lives over the past 50 years that Neal and I have been married.

Jacqueline: Wow. And for those of you who have not been a guest in Janet's house for dinner or overnight, she is the Hostess with the Mostess. So she's going all out for her guests. We know that for sure.

Jenn: Chocolate's on the pillow. Yeah, exactly. Like we're going high end.

Jacqueline: It's a real gift that she has. So speaking of gifts, I feel like these two chapters are really just gifts to me and to all of us listening. Chapter 13 is about humility and just how Jesus came to serve us in humility.

Then chapter 14 talks about forgiveness.  Humility and forgiveness are central themes, they're pillars of our faith. It's sort of like what Jesus taught us to be humble and walk in forgiveness. But I love how he not only led by example and teaches us, but that God equips us and changes us and transforms us so that humility and forgiveness can become part of our everyday walk.

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Release: June 2023
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm at Command-S

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Speaker: Janet Lozano, Jenn Lozano & Jacqueline Harper

June 29, 2023

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