A Fire in Our Hearts


We have two very special people joining us today, Elaine and Miguel Ventura, a beautiful couple passionate about sharing God's love with others. Elaine and Miguel help lead a ministry called Ministerio Catolico Jesus Esta Vivo (Jesus is Alive) in Northern Virginia. They spend most of their free time evangelizing and sharing the message of freedom in Christ in the US and beyond. 

Join us for a warm-hearted and soul-touching episode filled with stories of God's faithfulness and compassion. Hear how lives have been changed!

It was this thirst for God that He gave me about His word, and I felt so much love from the Father that He loved me. There was this fire that He put inside of my heart, and I just felt so much love. And I told God,  "I hope that this passion that you gave me for you, that's this love that I feel that you have for me, that it doesn't go away." And it's going to be 31 years now since He first came to me.

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Release: February 2023
Music by Christian Harper. 
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm at Command-S

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Speaker: Elaine & Miguel Ventura, Jacqueline Harper

February 23, 2023

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