God at work in a marriage

November 19, 2016

A husband and wife share how God lifted their burdens...

WIFE: I attended a conference earlier this year. Before attending the conference, I was at rock bottom again in my life and had told my husband I was filing for divorce. I carried around so much junk in my heart that I wanted to free my husband of my horrible choices. Because we have two children he refused to comply with me. We went to church together as usual that Sunday and...to my unbelieving, uncomprehending plan of God's the service was about families and marriage. Moreover, at the end we were able to go up for prayer, I did. The prayer counselor suggested I make it to the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference that following Friday, so I signed up and went. That is when the burden was lifted. I have been FREED of the junk I thought I had to carry forever as a reminder of my choices. Not only my choices, but my parents' choices as well. I went home talking to God the whole way. I could not wait to see what was going to happen the next day. I have changed the way I respond to almost everything my husband says now. I changed fast and I felt so free. I still am free and I remember, "What is gained in prayer is maintained in prayer." Thank you. I gave the book to my husband and he read it every night when he could not sleep. I listened to what he was learning and I heard his questions. And when he was at a low spot I told him about the people at church that can pray with him. I also found him looking up when the next conference might be.

HUSBAND: During my experience at the Unbound Conference, for the first time I felt the love of our Father. During my Christian journey, I have learned knowledge without being able to incorporate it into everyday life. The verse about old things passing away and becoming a new creation has always been difficult to know but not experience. For those few days during and immediately after the conference, I could sense that reality. There is still more work that needs to be done in me, but I have new hope and for the first time a small feeling of God liking me. We are very thankful for the work you are doing. A few generations from now there may be a footnote in Church history about the re-introduction/ shift in the way deliverance is handled based on your family's work.

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