What Does Your Freedom Look Like?

by Jacqueline Harper on November 18, 2023

Matt and I went out to St. Dominic's Church in the heart of San Francisco on November 10 -11. I felt excited (and a bit nervous) about my first official adventure speaking at an Unbound conference. Little did I know how wonderful it would be.

The warm hospitality of the St. Dominic's team and the humble, expectant hearts who filled the pews of this beautiful church felt almost heavenly. From the moment we arrived to our last goodbyes, the presence of God was tangible.

Lorelei (head of the San Fran team) opened the training on Thursday standing at her recent donation to St. Dominic's...a shiny black podium. Lorelei shared how her gift to the church was a sign of her freedom, for through Unbound, she had been freed from the lie that her voice wasn't good enough. Now she leads the team and invites others to learn about the life-changing power of the gospel. With her hands on the podium, she asked confidently, "What does your freedom look like?" We knew at that moment there would be many beautiful answers to her question!

Matt did an awesome job leading the training which ended with several Unbound ministry sessions. One gentleman I prayed with came so ready with such deep insight, it felt like I was catching fruit falling from a ripe tree. He professed profound forgiveness and made sure to let me know before he left how significant and life-changing the whole week-end proved to be. He's fired up and ready to bring the message of Unbound to his church and ministry. Praise God!

Throughout the conference, I was moved by the enthusiastic note-takers, the attentive smiles, and the many tears. God touched hearts and hearts responded.

What a privilege to accompany Matt and have this opportunity.


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