Matt Speaks at the Charis Conference in Rome

by Matt Lozano on November 08, 2023

From Matt on his trip to Rome:

On November 1-6, I traveled to Rome with my daughter Anna to speak at the international Charis (Catholic Charismatic Renewal) conference. My topic was Discernment, and in it, I helped draw some distinctions between a faith-filled response to circumstances and a superstitious response, particularly when it comes to the activity of evil spirits. Many people are fearful of evil spirits and respond with esoteric practices or anxious prayers. Jesus taught us that we should entrust ourselves to the Father in prayer, rather than try to manipulate God with many words, like the pagans.

The talk was well received, and I had many opportunities to share fellowship with leaders from around the world. Many asked if I would come present Unbound in their countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Brazil!  I connected with a number of new friends who shared how much Unbound had changed their life.

Two woman who work in the Vatican also told me they are using Unbound with others. A bishop from Portland told me he too was using the Five Keys with others.

A big highlight for me was spending time with my daughter over some great food, and meeting Pope Francis after he addressed the conference! It was a special and grace-filled time.

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