Free to be Holy

by Matt Lozano on January 11, 2022

Right after Christmas, I (Matt) spoke at the Encounter Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Encounter is a ministry that equips Catholics for ministry, using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to witness to the love of God. Encounter has started many schools of ministry across the country, and it was an honor to speak at this conference of over 3,000 passionate followers of Jesus alongside great speakers like Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Boniface Hicks, and Dr. Mary Healy.

I spoke to a packed room at a breakout session. My topic was "Free to be Holy" based on a book I'm working on that will be released next year. I shared about the importance of knowing what Jesus has done to make us holy - the offering of His body and blood on the Cross. From that foundation, I encouraged everyone to think about practical ways to walk in holiness.

One of the examples I used is something I would like to share with you. I learned that human blood has three properties. It has leukocytes, which help the body fight disease. Blood also carries oxygen to the body, to animate the muscles and organs. Blood contains DNA, the code for reproduction. The blood of Jesus, which was His life poured out for us, heals us from sin, brings life to our souls, and reproduces the life of Jesus in us.

I share this to remind you of the greatness of God's love for you and the incomparable riches of His grace that live in each of us by the Holy Spirit. We can walk in holiness because His blood makes us holy.

We are truly free to be holy!


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