Drawing One Heart at a Time

by Jenn Lozano on November 28, 2022

Wow! We have so much to be thankful for and so much to share! Matt has been a busy man. He just finished a stint of four consecutive weekends in ministry. He spoke at a Women's Conference for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, an Unbound Conference in Akron, Ohio, our local Unbound Conference in Paoli, Pennsylvania, and a Free to be Holy conference in Rochester, Minnesota.

God's grace has been at work in the hearts of His children at each one of these events. In Ohio, two local Unbound teams joined Matt and together they ministered to everyone who sought prayer. In Minnesota, another local team served during our ministry in the afternoon. At our home conference, our local team did an amazing job praying for people from Michigan, Virginia, Texas, New York, and beyond.

The weekend before Thanksgiving,  Matt shared a message on holiness that will be released as a book in early 2023 - called Free to be Holy. His and our whole team's hope is that this book will help people pursue holiness free from the burdens of shame and pride, and to rest upon what Jesus has done to make us holy. The response has been wonderful so far.

We are grateful to be sent out as ambassadors for Christ. We continue to work in step with the Holy Spirit, who is drawing one heart at a time into the presence of our loving Father. 

Wherever this post finds you, may you know His abundant love and blessing and be drawn more deeply into His heart!

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