A God-ordained Moment in Baltimore

by Rachel Lozano on October 10, 2023

Janet and Neal had the joy of presenting the Freedom in Christ conference hosted by our longtime friends in Baltimore who founded Unbound Ministry Maryland. God’s grace was abundant. We wanted to share three highlights.

1. We were so was struck by how much the Unbound Maryland team loves to pray with people. Having a whole afternoon to minister to people brought them such joy.

2. Neal and Janet loved the Thursday leaders training. Two participants came from Iowa, one from Florida, and many ministries were represented there. Both Janet and Neal experienced extraordinary graces when they modeled the ministry in small groups. In one session, the presence of God was so thick as the person receiving ministry began to have her thinking enlightened. She spoke out about what was happening as she received truth for the lies that had held her bound. 

3. Neal had an opportunity to pray with someone who has been seriously afflicted. The team asked him to spend some time with this person during the afternoon sessions. Sometimes, spending conference ministry time with people whom the local team has not helped is not the best use of Neal's time at a conference. This one was a God-ordained. Things were uncovered that had a big grip upon him. When Neal saw him at the end of the conference, he looked different and free. He received the Father’s blessing, and Neal gave him the last copy of Will You Bless Me.

This month, Neal will be in Minnesota, speaking at Saint Paul Seminary, and we will be hosting a local conference near us in Morton, PA at the end of October. 

Special prayer request:

Please remember us in prayer this month. We are re-recording the Basic and Advanced DVDs. To stay on budget, we will record 17 talks over a three-day time frame. We see this as another milestone! These new recordings will improve our training significantly and prepare the way for our next dream project of dubbing all our new videos into Spanish.

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