Free to Be Holy Book Study Week 3: "He’s Right Here!!" with Jenn and Neal Lozano and Lisa Livezey


"He's Right Here!"

Jenn hosts Neal and Lisa for a distinctive discussion during Week Three of our Free to Be Holy book study.

Free to be holy means being “free to walk in holiness,” says Neal and “free to grow in holiness,” adds Lisa.

One reason we fail is because we aren’t free. Hear Neal’s story about a prayer recipient exclaiming at The Father’s Blessing, “He’s right here! He was always right here!”

Even when we mess up, Jesus is with us. He respects our free will, but is always there with the hope and the knowledge that we will yield. We discuss Matt’s list of what God will do and won’t do, followed by a beautiful story surrounding the one question God may ask at life’s end: “Did you learn how to love?”

Growth in holiness looks different for each individual, like spring flower bulbs that push up through dirt towards the light, each one displaying unique beauty.

Trivia Quiz from this episode:

1. What was Neal’s original title for his book Unbound?
2. What theological thought does Neal first remember having at age four?
3. What four-year-old in Lisa’s life exemplified discipleship?

Find these answers and more inside this podcast. We’ll meet you there!

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Release: April 2024
Music by Christian Harper
Artwork by Rosemary Strohm
Production by  Henry Aquino


Speaker: Neal Lozano, Jenn Lozano, Lisa Livezey

April 11, 2024

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