The Unbound Family Goes DEEPER STILL

by Jacqueline Harper on March 27, 2023

Recently Neal spoke to a man who attended our 2023 Leadership Conference, Deeper Still. He said it changed his life. So he had to dig a little to find out how.

Both Jenn and Neal had commented on how this conference felt like an Unbound family gathering on Friday night, and in Neal's talk Friday evening, he mentioned that Jesus is a friend. From that point on, this gentleman had one divine appointment after another, sharing deeply with others, receiving words, and sharing more life-giving words with others. He experienced belonging and friendship. He encountered God in the talks and the worship but most of all in his numerous encounters with God’s family.

The conference was amazing. Neal felt like the Lord gave him insights just days before it started as he prayed and reflected on the theme, Deeper Still. One thing Neal shared about was the gentle rain of the Holy Spirit. A friend of his had gone to the Asbury revival before it ended. He described it as a gentle rain relative to other revivals he has witnessed. We believed that was a word from the Lord for the conference. It seemed like there was a gentle rain throughout the worship and testimonies and talks.

We are all grateful to Jenn for guiding us through the weekend, for Father Mathias, Father Boniface, and Matt for leading sessions and morning liturgy. Our worship leaders, the Imlers, led us into God’s presence with great anointing. We are especially grateful (and privileged) as a team to be able to invest months of planning to ensure every detail was properly attended.

We are also grateful for all those who came to fill the space to capacity and for all who served them. We can’t wait for our next Unbound Leadership Conference.

*Missed the Conference? Find the Main Session Talks here.

Deeper Still

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